Leaf guards are a gutter guard product, which helps on keeping your eaves trough system clean. There are many opinions whether leaf guards actually work. There are pros and cons when it comes to leaf guards. At Home Vision we been installing them for over 15 years and we definitely recommend them.

Leaf Guard Protects Against:

  1. Debris build-up causing clogs
  2. Spillovers around clogs
  3. Leaks behind gutters that get into fascia, soffits and siding
  4. Leaks in your roof caused by nail or screw holes
  5. Growth of mould and bacteria
  6. Acorns and seeds that attract rodents, insects and unwanted pests
  7. Stops rodents, squirrels and birds from entering.
  8. Unsightly weeds and tree saplings growing in your gutters
  9. System keeps gutters draining freely
  10. Prevents insects from laying their eggs in a humid environment.

Leaf guard are made of:

  • Weatherproof aluminum
  • Not rust or crack
  • Support weight of snow
  • Size to fit your eaves trough
  • Invisible from the ground