Corrugated metal

Common forms of metal siding include steel sheets and corrugated panels. Steel is harder and stronger than aluminum but is susceptible to rust.

Most of the metal siding are used on industrial and commercial building but it is preferable product from architects that design modern houses.

Advantages of installing metal siding

  1. Durable product
  2. Available in various styles and colours
  3. Low maintenance – doesn’t require painting
  4. Mainly used on industrial and commercial buildings
  5. Fireproof
  6. Can offer a seamless look because depend on the panels
  7. Steel can be “green”
  8. Can be easy to repair

Disadvantages of installing metal siding

  1. Impractical or difficult to paint
  2. Colours can fade
  3. Can dent if struck
  4. Steel can rust if raw edges are exposed due to improper installation and/or the protective coating is scratched.

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